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Vendor Instructions for Event Set-Up and Tear-Down

Please Note: As part of your event application, you agreed to have read the Participant Agreement. 

Vendors are required to park in lots locate at:
     ~ 8th & Martin Luther King Jr Street 
     ~ 9th & Main Street

Parking in front of merchants or in streets located within one (1) block of "The Square" is not allowed.  Vendors parked in a prohibited area will be required to move, will receive a warning and may be towed at their expense. Repeated offense will result in a vendor not Should the incident occur again in a future event, the vendor will not be allowed to attend any more events put on by DGA. Handicap Parking is available in the lot located at 9th and Main -- proper credentials required, of course. 

     ~ 7th & Main Street: Portable toilet 
     ~ 7th & Main Street: Visitors Center
     ~ 9th & Main Street:  behind Grace Heritage Church

Very few merchants have public restrooms. Those that do reserve use for their customers.  

Entering the Event Area NO ENTRY FROM AUSTIN AVENUE.
Upon arrival, please note traffic flow is ONE WAY ONLY on all 3 streets. This will be enforced by Event Staff. BEFORE YOU ARRIVE: know your booth number and location so you are able to quickly and safely enter the Event Area. The traffic flow is as follows -- 
Vendors located on:
​          7th Street:        From Church St, enter onto 7th  exit Austin Ave.

         Main Street:     From Church St enter onto 8th, turn right on Main, 
                                       exit proceed to 6th.        Do not turn onto 7th

         8th Street:        From Church St. enter from 8th, exit Austin Ave. 

Booth numbers are written on or near the curb and on the road in the center of Main, 7th and 8th Streets. Curbs are reserved for vendors requiring electricity (additional fee) center of the streets are non-electric spots. 


(unless you're booth is a trailer; trailers must be in by 6:30AM)

Unloading: Drive to your booth location: 1), unload everything from your vehicle 
2) go park your vehicle 3) return to complete setup.

Set-Up: 1) As soon as your tent is up -- put on the weights!  Each leg of your tent must have a minimum of 40-lbs of weight. All tents need to be properly secured by by 9am. Failure to do so will result in being escorted out of the Event Area. This is a SAFETY issue. Tents may not be connected or attached in any way to any structure or other tents. Spikes or Stakes are not allowed.

Once your tent is up and properly secured with weights, 2) secure (ties / weights ) all shelving / tables / racks / displays, etc. 3) last step: unpack and display your product  

Set-Up Note: Vehicles must be removed from the event area as quickly as possible. Event area will be monitored to ensure vendors are following the above Unloading Procedure. This assures that all vendors are able to enter the event area quickly and safely.


Please be considerate of your neighboring vendors.  

Rain during an event: Should water accumulate on top of your tent DO NOT attempt to force the water off by pushing up on the tent roof.  Doing so will result in water damage to product of nearby vendors. Per the Participation Agreement: Any vendor who, through deliberate action or negligence, causes damage will be held financially liable for the retail and / or fair market value of that damage.

Booth Space and Product must be positioned within and remain in the 10 x 10 booth space allocated to you during the event. Product and displays may not pose a safety issue by hindering walking paths and may not encroach upon another vendor's space. This includes, but is not limited to: displays, rack, storage containers. VENDORS LOCATED ALONG A CURB:  DO NOT place any items on the curb / grass areas.  


No Early Tear Down.  Please make your final sale no later than 3:50pm. 1) pack all product, displays, etc. first. DO NOT REMOVE WEIGHTS from tent unless you are immediately taking the tent down. Once everything is disassembled and packed, return with your vehicle to load and depart.

All vendors must be able to depart no later than  5:30pm. DGA is required to remove barricades and reopen streets by 5:30pm. 

Issues necessitating early tear-down will be communicated to vendors via text from the Event Coordinator and Event Staff. In the event of a personal matter requiring you to depart prior to the end of the event: contact an Event Staff person immediately. Event Staff will assist you in quickly and safely departing the Event Area.  

Exiting the Event Area. Exit route depends on booth location. Please abide by the route provided to you. If you are unsure of your exit route, contact the Event Coordinator or Staff during the event. ​

Vendors are expected to dispose of their trash, including zip ties. Nothing should remain in your location upon your departure. . 

Questions / Concerns during events should be directed ONLY to the Coordinator and Staff and not other vendors or merchants.
Coordinator's phone - 512-639-8719. For the fastest response, please text.

You can reach the Coordinator @ 512-639-8719
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