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39th Annual Christmas Stroll 
Thursday, December 6th  5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
 Saturday, December 7th 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Food Vendors
We are looking forward to our 39th Annual Christmas Stroll and hope you will join us. Food Vendor location is 6th Street and Main Street. We have up to 14 spots depending on the size of trailers that come in. 

Application Process
Please make sure to read all information on this page and information sent to you by the coordinator even if you have been with us in past years. Please send a menu of your items with your application or by separate email.  We will also need to know if you are Frying, Grilling, using Gas or Coal. Electricity for this event is up to 50 Amps/220 Volts. Food vendors will need to supply their own electric cords. We are limited to what the city of Georgetown will supply for this event.  Each Food Vendor is responsible for their gray water. 

2018 Food Vendor Application
Application will be reviewed once application, payment and menu have been received. It is up to the Coordinator to review your application and to approve. Once approved your application will be processed and you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email please contact our coordinator 512-639-8719 there may be something missing on your application. It is the responsibility of the vendor to make sure we have a completed application to process.

Payment must be made at the same time you submit your application. A receipt will be sent to you once you have been approved. The receipt is your confirmation for the month(s) you have been approved for please open the attachment to confirm dates you have been confirmed for and paid. DGA will not charge out or deposit check unless you have been approved.

No Refunds
No refunds once your application has been processed. in the event of inclement weather, DGA will make every effort to hold/continue the Stroll. All Vendors are expected to comply. Refunds are NOT given due to inclement weather condition. Cancellations prior to Stroll must be sent via email to our coordinator [email protected] Cancellation made day of must call coordinator via phone or TXT 512-639-8719

Fire Code
All vendors must meet fire regulations.  Food vendors that use  BBQ Pits and smokers that are not on/in a trailer please be sure you are compliant to all regulations.  These vendors have been placed in booths 1 - 5.  Your BBQ pits should be placed directly behind you on 6th Street.   Fire department personnel will be inspecting all food court set ups. All Food vendors will need a fire extinguisher contact Fire Chief Robert Gordon 512-931-7608 for fire extinguisher requirements for your booth/trailer.  Food vendors that are frying will need a Class K Fire extinguisher.   

All food vendors must have their Temporary Food Permit from Williamson County Posted.  Please find the appropriate links to obtain your temporary food permit and codes listed under Food Vendor Regulations & Information button on the left of this page.  Williamson County Health Department & the Fire Department will conduct appropriate inspections.  All Vendors must comply with the codes through-out the event.  The Downtown Georgetown Association, Health Department & Fire Department reserve the right to close your booth if the codes are not in place at the time the Stroll opens.  These codes were established for the safety of you and our visitors.  We appreciate your cooperation in this area.  

We require all of our Food Vendors to use recyclable plates, utensils and containers during Stroll. 

Food Vendors will setup Thursday, November 29th after 8:00 p.m. All food vendors must be ready for inspected on Friday at noon.   Please be sure to have all your permits in place with the City and County prior to set up.  If you can be inspected prior to the event, please do so by contacting Fire Chief Robert Gordon at 512-931-7608.  

Ice on Site
We will offer ice to Food vendors that are in need of ice again this year.  We reserve ice for you if you have filled out an ice form and have submitted it.    There will be a sheet located on the ice bin and you the vendor will be responsible for keeping track of your ice. We will charge your card you have provided on your ice form Monday after Stroll (see ice form to the left).  The charge for ice will be $7.00 per bag.


Restocking Food
You will be allowed to restock for Saturday but you must have a permit that will let you on to the grounds.  You will enter early as you will not be able to enter during the parade at 10 am.  You will enter on 6th Street at Church and be directed by the coordinator or staff member. 
Food Vendor Links
contact WCHD for up to date  information

Thursday, November 29th Set up Food Vendors only no later than 10:00 pm

Friday, November 30th Food Vendors must be ready for inspections at noon 
Stroll will start at 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, December 1st 
Stroll will start at 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 
2019 Application are not available at this time.
Melody will send out an email to all vendors when Stroll applications are online. 

New Vendor please email Melody to be put on Stroll email list
[email protected]