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39th Annual Christmas Stroll Artisan, Crafter & Brick & Mortar 
Friday, November 30th - Saturday, December 1st
We are looking forward to our 39th Annual Christmas Stroll and hope you will join us.  Vendor locations will be on 7th Street, 8th Street between Austin and Church and Main Street between 6th St.and 9th St. 

Weights for Tents
Tents must be weighted down with 40 lbs of weight on each leg. This is the responsibility of the vendor. Any tent that is not properly weighted down by 4:30 p.m. will be asked to resolve the issue or will be forced to take down your tent for the duration of the festival. This is a SAFETY issue. You may not tie your tent to another vendor this is not safe. NO STAKES allowed.

​Application Process
A completed and legible application must be submitted, with payment and description of product to be considered as a vendor for Stroll. An incomplete application will cause delay in the approval process. Your booth will not be assigned until your application has been processed along with payment. No post- dated checks or credit cards are accepted. Checks are to be payable to The Downtown Georgetown Association or DGA.

Payment must be made at the same time you submit your application. A receipt will be sent to you once you have been approved. The receipt is your confirmation for the month(s) you have been approved for please open the attachment to confirm dates you have been confirmed for and paid. DGA will not charge out or deposit check unless you have been approved.

No Refunds
No refunds once your application has been processed. in the event of inclement weather, DGA will make every effort to hold/continue the Stroll.  All Vendors are expected to comply.  Refunds are NOT given due to inclement weather condition.  Cancellations prior to Stroll must be sent via email to our coordinator [email protected]. Cancellation made day of must call coordinator via phone or TXT 512-639-8719

Booth Assignments
Booth assignments are made based on vendor type and are at the discretion of the coordinator. No vendor is guaranteed a specific space or a street.  Booth assignments are assigned based on date received and payment processed. Again the assignment is at the discretion of the Coordinator. 


Restroom Locations
~ 6th & Main Street Portable toilet 
~ 7th & Main Street in the Visitors Center
~ 9th & Main Street behind Grace Heritage Church
~ Austin Avenue Portable toliet

Please do not use the restrooms in merchant’s stores and restaurants unless you are a customer. 

Vendor Set-Up Details
Please see traffic directors upon arrival.  You will receive a pass that will allow you onto the event grounds. One car per vendor spot  will be allowed through the barricade and to your booth location.  All cars are to be off the streets at 4:15 pm.  This is for the safety of the vendors and potential attendees that start early. 

Streets and curbs have been marked with booth numbers.  Drive to your booth space unload your vehicle including your tent, weights, fire extinguisher then go park your vehicle.  Come back after parking and setup your tent first, make sure you put the weights on next for safety. Then set up your products. 

Please be considerate of your neighboring vendors. Your product must be kept with in the 10 x 10 booth space you have purchased. We understand there may be slight overflow from your space which is acceptable but be aware it must not hinder walking paths and must not flow into other vendor spaces. The majority of your product should remain in your paid space. Storage of boxes and extra items must also be within your paid space. PLEASE DO NOT PUT ITEMS ON THE CURB OR COURTHOUSE LAWN IF YOU ARE ON THE CURB Again, we are guests of the Square.

Vendor Questions during the Stroll 
Coordinators are on-site all day to assist you. Please make sure you have her/his phone number 512-639-8719. Check-in at the information booth located on 8th & Main Street  PLEASE DO NOT reach out to businesses with questions as they are not responsible for Stroll and cannot assist you. Coordinator's phone - 512-639-8719

We encourage Christmas decorations for Stroll. The Electric Department has approved LED Christmas lights or Florescent spots. Each 10 x 10 tent may use no more than 100 watts of power.  Our electric personal has informed us that LED lights for evening lighting is the method of lighting that can be used to avoid electrical outages.  LED spotlights are permitted, but please do not overload your booth.  Booths will be inspected by the electrical team to make sure only LED lights are used prior to opening the festival.  Any non LED lights will be removed. 

Security will be provided from 6 pm Friday to 7 am Saturday Morning.  Please keep in mind that Downtown Georgetown Association is not responsible for set-up, product or merchandise.  No cars will be allowed on the festival grounds on Saturday so please make every effort to insure that your booth is well weighted.  Items that are small or could be damaged by weather should be packed away and stored in weather proof containers.  Anything brought into the grounds on Saturday morning must be carried. 

Trash Disposal
We are all considered guests of Georgetown and must leave it as it was when we arrived.  Please be considerate and bring your own trash container to dispose of your trash during the event.  Please also remove your trash and take it with you at tear down.  This applies to all Vendors. 

Tear down
Tear down starts at 8:00 pm on Saturday.  The electric team will shut electric down at 9pm.  We will come around and notify you that you may retrieve your vehicle once we believe it is safe for you to do so.  You may begin to pack up if your business is slow, but no early tear down is permitted prior to 8:00 pm. Saturday.  Any vendor failing to comply will be deemed ineligible to participate in future shows.  
2019 Application are not available at this time.
Melody will send out an email to all vendors when Stroll applications are online. 

New Vendor please email Melody to be put on Stroll email list
[email protected]