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Market Hours 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
 Set up starts at 7:00 am  No Early Tear Down


Weights for Tents
Tents must be weighted down with 40 lbs of weight on each leg. This is the responsibility of the vendor. Any tent that is not properly weighted down by 9:00 a.m will be asked to resolve the issue before being able to continue the Market otherwise you will be forced to take down your tent for the duration of the festival. This is a SAFETY issue. You may not tie your tent to another vendor this is not safe. NO STAKES allowed.

Fire Extinguisher
All tents must have at a minimum a 2A:10BC Rated Fire Extinguisher and must have a current annual inspection. Attach your receipt to the Fire Extinguisher so you have documentation for the Fire Department. 


A completed and legible application must be submitted, with payment, to be considered as a vendor for Market Days. An incomplete application will cause delay in processing your payment. Your booth will not be assigned until your application is processed. A new application MUST BE SUBMITTED each time you make a payment. No post- dated checks or credit cards are accepted. Checks are to be payable to The Downtown Georgetown Association or DGA.

Booth Assignments
Booth assignments are made based on vendor type and at the discretion of the coordinator. No vendor is guaranteed a specific space or a street unless payment is received quarterly for three consecutive months. If payment is paid quarterly - in advance - your booth selection should be listed on the application with an optional selection. Quarterly booth assignments are assigned based on date received and payment processed.

PLEASE NOTE: NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS WILL BE MADE DUE TO VENDOR CANCELLATION. In the event of inclement weather, DGA will make every effort to hold/continue the event. All vendors are expected to comply. Refunds are NOT given due to inclement weather conditions. Cancellations must be sent via email so we have confirmation that you will not be here no cancellation via phone call unless this is the day of Market Day. 

ALL VENDORS MUST PARK IN LOTS LOCATED AT 6TH & MAIN OR 9TH & MAIN PARKING LOTS. This is indicated on your Market Day application. Vendors are not to park in front of merchant stores or take up allocated parking spots around the Square. Please make every effort to comply so we do not have to ask you to move.

Many of the vendors are parking in front of the merchant stores. PLEASE NOTE - these are reserved parking spaces for visitors to the Square. Should you choose not to park in the parking areas provided, your car may be towed at your expense. The DGA or coordinators are NOT responsible.  

Restroom Locations
A Portable toilet will be located at the corner of Main/7th & Public restrooms are located in the Visitor’s Center at Main/9th St. behind Grace Heritage Church.

Set-Up Details
Trailers: Those of you that pull trailers please arrive between 7am & 8am. Your trailers MUST BE off the Market grounds BY 8am! Cars: Set-up starting at 7am and off the street no later than 8:45am. We ask that you please unload your vehicle then park. This includes your tent. Please do not set up your tent fist. This will allow for an easier traffic flow for such a small area.

Vendor Set-Up Equipment
We supply the space and electric (if you have paid for this) only. You are responsible for your set-up. We do not supply tents, tables, chairs, or weights. Please be considerate of your neighboring vendors. Slight overflow for the space you have paid for is acceptable. We must be mindful of traffic flow and of other vendors. The majority of your product should remain in your paid space. Storage of boxes and extra items must also be within your paid space. PLEASE DO NOT PUT ITEMS ON THE COURTHOUSE LAWN. Again, we are guests of the Square.

Trash Disposal
We are guests of the downtown square. You are required to bring your own trash container and NO TRASH is to be left on the square. Please remove your trash and take it with you at tear-down. This applies to all vendors - resale, crafters, and food vendors!

Vendor Questions during the Market
The coordinators are on-site all day to assist you. Please make sure you have our phone numbers, check at the information booth, or go to the visitors’ center on the corner of 7th and Main and ask if we are available in the office. The Downtown Georgetown Association Office is inside the Visitor Center Area. PLEASE DO NOT go into any of the local merchants businesses with questions. They are not responsible for the Market and can't assist you. Coordinator's phone - 512-639-8719

Electricity is available to everyone that paid $10.00 in addition to their booth fee. Please be sure to bring at least 50 feet of outdoor cord. Booths that have electric are C01 - C50. If you paid for electric please make sure you have been assigned one of these numbers prior to Market Day!

Early Tear down
Tear down will take place at the posted closing hour (4 p.m.) any vendor failing to comply will be deemed ineligible to participate in future shows.

Food Vendors
Are required to have Williamson County Temporary Food Permit and follow all fire code regulations. Please be aware you may be inspected by the County or Fire Department. It is your responsibility to meet all requirements. See Food Vendor Permit for further information.  FOOD VENDORS MUST USE RECYCLABLES 

Your Responsibility
Booth Operator agrees to abide by the rules and regulations as set forth herein and such other rules as may be established or amended by the Downtown Georgetown Association. 

Booth Operator will sell only those items or conduct those activities that have been specifically approved in writing. Furthermore, Booth Operator hereby releases, forever discharges and holds harmless the Downtown Georgetown Association from any responsibility or liability for loss, claims, damages, theft, injury or accident from activities conducted in preparation for, during and immediately following Market Days or the use of City premises for those purposes. 

Booth Operator assumes full and complete responsibility and will hold harmless the Downtown Georgetown Association, Williamson County, City of Georgetown, its officers, council members, directors, servants, agents, employees or volunteers from any loss, lost profits, damage or injury to the person or property of the Booth Operator or Booth Operator’s agents, customers, or invitees. 

It is further agreed that Booth Operator shall maintain his/her space, merchandise, activities and business practices in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. Booth Operator understands that violation of or non-compliance with this release or any rule, regulation, law, ordinance, or decree may result in immediate expulsion of Booth Operator and his/her exhibit from the event without a refund of any applicable fees paid. 

Operator is responsible for all “booth” setup and take-down of merchandise, displays and tents or covers. It is further understood that each booth operator is responsible for assuring that all items in his/her own booth are well secured in the event of inclement weather, i.e. wind, rain, etc., and weights must be used to secure all corners and parts of booth (tables, shelves, hanging racks, etc.) so they cannot blow into or damage another booth operator’s booth/merchandise.
Your Coordinators are:
Erin Soper (DGA Coordinator)

You can reach the Coordinator @ 512-639-8719
Important Vendors Links:

Music for May 2017:

9:00-9:45: Bruce Britain
10:00-10:45: Jesse Saunders     
11:00-11:45: Evelyn Billington
12:00-12:45: Rachele Lauren
1:00-1:45: Terry Reinhackel
2:00-2:45: Kaye Pasa Trio
3:00-4:00: Chris & Emily

Food Vendors Links:
Required recyclable items
cups, plates, utensils etc.......
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